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"Had a great experience with my Shiatsu massage! Before starting, Michael took the time to explain what was going to happen during the massage. The massage left me relaxed and refreshed. Looking forward to my next massage. "  Lori R.

 "Had a shiatsu massage in my own home. It lasted longer than an hour as it was my first massage of this type and there was some information exchanged. I really appreciated that there was no discomfort and Mike kept checking to make sure that was the case. He also was very aware of including all areas of the body, while giving particular attention to the spots I had identified as areas of concern. While it did not turn out to be a problem, I did find it to be slightly distracting to have this service in my own home. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Joseph or this type of massage."  Gwen P.

 "I have had several shiatsu sessions with Michael. He has an intuitive and respectful touch. He is practiced and knowlegeable in the art of shiatsu and energetics. Go get a shiatsu treatment. I recommend him highly! "  Gaby C.

 "Zen Shiatsu rocks! Although it seemed strange at first to be fully clothed and on the floor (instead of a table) I quickly relaxed and found the session ultra-comforting....yet invigorating. 24 hours later I feel amazing and can't wait to schedule another a session! "  Tammy P.

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